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When customer companies are looking for efficiency and new solutions for their operating environment, the service provider must have even more comprehensive expertise and management of entities.

We want to visualize and simulate our customers' solutions and use modern design tools and methods. We bring our expertise and years of experience to customer-specific solutions.

Contact us because we can bring you the solutions your business needs.  Ask for a quote for design, measurement, and automation services. Contacts Us...

About us

Aurolahti Group Oy was founded in 2013.  Private-owned modern, innovative growth company. Our operations are located in three central locations in Finland.

Essential values in a company are trust, professionalism, value creation and rooting. Confidence is reflected in the company's operations through long-term customer relationships. Customers rely on the expertise of Aurolahti Group staff. Strong professionalism adds value to customers and, through knowledge, can create a valuable customer for processes and operations and help to find better and more productive solutions for customers.


Aurolahti Group is close to the customer, both physically and mentally. An own designer's thinking ensures that they are essential. Aurolahti Group is committed to high-quality, straight -back and honest activities. Our customers say - in Finnish style.

Local trust partner role

Mission-Visio-Strategy 2023 (treeballs).png

Mission – To be among the best Finnish companies in the field in terms of reputation and corporate image.

Vision– With the help of our professional staff, our customers get high-quality design solutions, build intelligent products and services, and create new business models.

Strategy – We offer high quality and comprehensive design services for domestic and international markets. We want to utilize new intelligent technologies and digital methods.


Our success requires continuous personnel training, good customer understanding and knowledge of our customers' industries.

Digital Strategy – Digital business models are becoming significantly essential and valuable. Understanding the effects of digital changes on increasing the company's value is critical. In the digital business environment, every company is a technology company - every company develops from how effectively it embraces digital change.

Digital Engineering Framework

Customer-centric data-driven engineering powered by digital twin technology.

In Aurolahti, innovative cooperation plays a significant role in developing the Digital Engineering Framework development environment.

The possibilities of digital technology are currently revolutionizing industrial design and product development. The benefits offered by technology are undeniable, and e.g. the digital twin operating model is rising to a new value in industrial product development. Virtual models allow you to experiment and see what can be done very early.

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Our Strategic Partners

Collaborators are experienced industry professionals. They are united by innovation and the desire to grow through cooperation to become leading players in the field.

Näyttökuva 2021-11-10 160429_edited.jpg

Kovasat is a flexible and innovative organisation with a diverse network of collaborators. The forces pushing our operations forward are vital innovation...

Industrial services. Our main activity is focused on the maintenance of industrial businesses, electrical filters, power plants and mines in Europe,  including spare parts and reconstruction...


We are a Finnish design and service company in the automation industry. We supply electrical and automation applications for industry...


Aurolahti Group Oy

Juustotie 41

69300 Toholampi


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